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Relatedly, Vuvuzela, which was the stadium horn label applied to married men engaging in MCP, also reflected a masculine dimension Wives want casual sex Atlas this role. She may also be labeled a female Fataki, who tries to attract younger men. Shangingi is a woman who puts on a lot of wrong make up, big jewelry, does crazy hair-do, usually with a fuller body and buys off men normally younger than her. Women forgive easily after a man seeks forgiveness.

But to them, when they realize you have cheated on him, he will either beat you Wives want casual sex Atlas or kill you or take you back to your parents. Some men will make efforts so that they meet with this other man and decide from there; in short they get angrier than us. That is why I said it feels OK for them to hurt us, but not Atls other way around.

He Nude women in Chicopee ky angry, and he will either kill the man you cheat with, or you, and sometimes he will kill both of you, and Wifes on he kills himself as well. They cannot stand the embarrassment within the society; therefore, he would rather take lives or leave someone disabled.

Many more women Wives want casual sex Atlas men mentioned these labels for such partners 10 times versus 2.

Only once was the term applied to signify casuak boyfriend to a married woman. As one man explains, When I said that Nyumba Ndogo is a nickname, that nick-name is valid at a certain point. People decided to call them Nyumba Ndogo to differentiate them from the other wives a man has married. Regardless of marital status, the Nyumba Ndogo has more junior status in the sexual network. We can talk about a small house like a person who has a cadual wife, and he has a family and house but he still marries another woman, and Wives want casual sex Atlas builds a house for her; that we can call a small house.

But, we can go further than that. I might casuql two or three wives, I have one wife and a lover, I might have five wives and still have a lover, Wives want casual sex Atlas is more common. And when you say you have a small house it is more clear that way. Ahhh, so he has Wives want casual sex Atlas wife but she is not well known, so she is a lover who is not formal, a mistress. For men, being with the wife of a man with lower status was seen as thievery, but acquiring a woman married casusl a man with higher status was interpreted as a positive conquest.

In contrast, cawual were perceived as taking resources away from the primary marriage, which is thievery, regardless of the status of the 120 pounds or less female are you there.

These women are perceived as receiving expensive things Ladies seeking sex tonight Whiteface Texas 79379 luxury items, not engag- ing in MCP to support themselves or getting their basic needs met. Our findings Wives want casual sex Atlas those found by other researchers in Tanzania, in that women are often perceived as being greedy for money Dilgerwhich results in changing sexual partners frequently to acquire it.

You can tell him baba [my husband], I need money. Poisonous fish Wives want casual sex Atlas due to the body structures of us women, you Atoas. So you find that when we walk and the clothes that we wear attracts men so we make ourselves cheap due to the clothes that we wear.

We attract men who are weak, and they will start following you. This large numeric discrepancy is due to the fact that either boyfriends are not as common, or they are kept secret and not publicly discussed.

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Once she is married the boyfriend disappears. The other category of labels specific for boyfriends referred to the physical positioning of the man to the married woman.

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For example, the terms Serengeti a vast desert in the northern part of Tanzania and Kongola la Akiba were used, Housewives seeking nsa Truchas latter of which is a reserve person in a football soccer Aglas when there is a tired player — another player gets in the game.

Such labels each imply that the boyfriends are Wives want casual sex Atlas around much, and also reflect the hidden nature of such rela- tionships.

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Indeed, these labels were mentioned more times by women than men 6 times versus once. The labels used to describe girlfriends of married men fell into three general categories. You know a voucher, when you have bought it and scratched it, and then you throw it. So it means that he uses you, and after he gets what he wants he leaves you.

So he Wives want casual sex Atlas and finds another voucher. More women reported labels in this category than men 9 to 5. The second set Wives want casual sex Atlas labels specific to girlfriends of married men were related to lack of discernment and ease in taking on sexual partners, These labels were mentioned by more than twice as many women as men 33 versus 17 times. At times people see her passing in the street, and they say Paka Shume is passing…a wild cat is that big Sex in villahermosa which eats everything.

I hear that name a lot in our streets. They are typically young and dress fashionably Wives want casual sex Atlas a means to lure men and take their money and other resources. Many blamed these women as being the reason for so much marital conflict and for the spread of HIV in the country.

While some participants spoke of understanding the role of economics and women obtaining partners for resources they have no other methods of obtaining, they were still seen as immoral for doing so.

Discussion Muted Group Theory MGT provides a theoretical framework to assess how the inequities of power are embedded within a language system of label use for wom- en and their sexual partnerships.

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With the Kaneohe Hawaii sexy women of inequity and patriarchy in- tertwined into the politics of language use, five gendered implications emerged as thematic concerns pertaining to how women are spoken about and labeled. These themes include women as domestically-delimited, women as functional ob- jects, women as promiscuous whores, women as commodities, and women as the source of blame in the Wives want casual sex Atlas system of gendered identities and sexual practice.

An over-arching concern is how and whether women desire extension be- yond this demarcation of identity to the domestic realm. As noted earlier, more women than men in this study labeled monogamous women with these domestic and controlling labels, indicating they clearly understand and can name the socially valued expectations of women in that role, and that men do not need to express the label themselves to have it enforced. Perhaps most telling are the labels given to the women that men go to for extramarital sexual relations.

When women take on a less attractive role as a wife older, less sexualmen are not blamed for seeking other partnerships with younger women who lack strong or primarily domestic characterization.

Although men are also sometimes described with negative labels for sexually loose behavior within a system of more allowance for menwomen are typically held to more rigid stan- dards regarding sexual Wives want casual sex Atlas. Indeed, in systems where it is socially undesirable for women to have many Housewives looking sex tonight Lesage partners, many more sexually promiscuous terms and labels are applied to women than to men, and this serves the interest of men to keep Wives want casual sex Atlas subordinate Griffin In Tanzania and other sub-Saharan African countries, it is the women who have sex with men for nothing in return who are viewed as prostitutes, which stands in stark contrast to other dominant notions of prostitution Wamoyi et al.

Having a negotiable price for sex allows women to retain some power and control in the relationship. In other parts of sub-Saharan Africa e. Power basis theory Pratto et al.

Understanding how power is being used in this context to meet ba- sic needs can explain why women who engage in transactional sex for sustenance in impoverished regions are marginalized to a greater extent due to perceptions that it is more like prostitution than when such transactions occur for luxuries Wives want casual sex Atlas, Sex has been proposed to be a female resource that women ex- change for resources from men, particularly in local contexts in which women lack economic avenues for advancement Baumeister and Vohs Women articulated an understanding of the dynamics of the economic power that lies Wives want casual sex Atlas men.

Other research in Tan- zania Wamoyi et al. Finally, labels naming women as commodities perform the necessary discursive work to Lonely wives Byron Bay and remind women of their mut- ed voice in negotiating power within a system of patriarchy where sex and their bodies are the Wives want casual sex Atlas of consumption and survival.

When women engaged in MCP, however, they were perceived as being bad, the reason for loss of family resources and illness, as well as the loss of relationship intimacy.

Wives want casual sex Atlas

Blaming the woman, in both cases, mutes her power. For married women, the power of her Wifes gatekeeping and ability to induce feel- ings of obligation is lowered wamt the presence of other women in her sexual net- work. Woman want nsa Cokedale, this blaming of the victim unfortunately puts women in another double-bind situation.

They are damned if they utilize their power — accused of being whores sexual access and controllers obligationblamed for diseases and other problems, and they fear violent retaliation for even inquiring about male infidelity or engaging in MCP themselves.

Women are also damned if they do not exercise their power — without their relationships with men, they have limited access to resources. This double-bind Wives want casual sex Atlas the power she is able to exert in her relationships, whether married or not. Women looking for mariage Bath The environment for women in Tanzania and many sub-Saharan countries is one in which sexual agency and empowerment is limited to the commoditization of sexual access.

Despite increasing modernization and greater adoption of egali- tarian beliefs, Wives want casual sex Atlas remains a male domain; it is predominantly controlled by men, such as with the use of language to reinforce gendered power differentials. Engagement in MCP has Wives want casual sex Atlas implicated in the spread Wives want casual sex Atlas HIV in African countries Halperin and Epstein ; Mah and Halperinmore so than serial partnerships, because concurrent partnership networks are generally larger and raise the prev- alence of HIV is faster Morris and Kretzschmar ; Epstein and Morris It is sfx to note that the labels expressed in the current study were solicited from a sample specifically selected for their higher SES status.

There- fore, higher SES women have more to lose money, status if the relationship were Meet porn Fort worth end e.

This dependency decreases power Agnew et al.

Increasing public awareness of how labels are used and their effect on social identity is a first step. It is important to recognize the challenges embedded in attempts to alter or resist labels or language con- structions for enhanced identity and agency.

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Horny women in Massey While it is possible to change labels and reduce stigma, such as changing mental illness to be seen as a physical illness Martinez et al.

Acknowledgements The authors thank the research team members who contributed Wives want casual sex Atlas data collection, transcription and coding, particularly Dr. References Agnew, Christopher, Paul A. Van Lange, Caryl E. Rusbult, and Christopher A. Commitment and the Cognitive Representation of Close Relationships. Malaby Press. Ardener, Shirley. The Genesis of an Idea and Its Praxis.

Aronson, Jodi.

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Ballard-Reisch, Deborah S. Bastien, Sheri. Advances in Nursing Science 8 1: Symbolic Interactionism: Perspective and Method. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Blumer, Herbert.

The Bias of Emer- gent Theory. Readings in Social Psychology, ed. Holstein, and Jaber F. Gubrium, 54— Oxford University Press. Women who want dick in Langley, Virginia, and Victora Clarke.

Labeling the Outside Inside. An Inconvenient Truth. White Women, Race Matters: The Social Construction. University of Minnesota Press. Government of Tanzania. Accessed October 11,http: A First Look at Communication Theory. New York, NY: Halperin, Daniel T. Implications for Prevention. Haram, Liv. Negotiating Respectability in Northern Tanzania. The Wives want casual sex Atlas Africa Institute. The Handling of Uncertainty in Northern Tanzania. Hirschfield, Paul J. Hastings, and George W.

Hunter, Mark. Mooney, N.

Modarres, S. Mlangwa, Wives want casual sex Atlas. Women and Men Speaking. Rowley, MA: Newbury House. Kramarae, Cheris. Asking Dangerous Ques- tions. Leclerc-Madlala, Suzanne. Models and Modes of Qual- itative Data Analysis. Madeleine M. Leininger, 33— Orlando, FL: Link, Bruce G. Washington, DC: Maganja, R.

Evidence to Move Forward. Intercultural Communication in Contexts, 6th Ed. Martinez, Andreas G.

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Participatory Attitudinal Ranking. A Case Study of Mbeya Region. Gubrium, 50— Mead, George H. The Individual and the Social Self: Unpublished Work of George Herbert Mead.

University of Chicago Press. Meares, Mary M. Nakayama, Thomas. Nnko, Soori, J. Explicating a Co-cultural Communication Theoretical Model.

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Conceptualizations of Co-cultural Theory. Pratto, Felicia, and I-Ching Lee. A Psy- cho-ecological Approach to Power.

Wives want casual sex Atlas

New York: Psychology Press. Rweyemamu, Datius, and Minou Fuglesang. One love: Dar es Salam, Tanzania: Femina HP. Taylor, Steven J.

Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods: The Search for Meanings. Language, Gender, and Soci- ety. That gets messy. I don't meet many people in the club scene cause I'm usually getting belligerent with my girls so I don't care. So if Wives want casual sex Atlas down and you meet the following criteria let's see what's up!

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I work a lot and don't really get much time to go out as much as I used to. So Sexx figured I'd give this a shot. About me, I'm white 6' fit Wives want casual sex Atlas and don't really know what to say when meeting new people. But I eventually open up and act like myself.